Homegrown offers a complete range of production services for Video, Television and Radio and in other related fields.
Television Production
Top-rated television programmes from conceptualization right to the finished product on television. Concept Development
We come up with the idea best suited for your advertising needs


Inspirasi Shyawal
July Special ( 1 Episode)
Date: 29 july (2nd Day of Raya)
Time: 10 am
Ever wonder how EC Inspirasi hosts celebrate Hari Raya?..

Homegrowm Raya Akustika
July Special ( 3 Episode)
Date: 28 July
Time: 10pm
Homegrown Raya 2014 features musical performances from bands and local singers such as nastia, loka, popkonspirasy..

Homegrown Raya 2014
July Special ( 1 Episode)
Date: 2 August
Time: 6pm Homegrown Akustika Raya features acoustic musical performance from local singer..

Dapur Bujang Ramadhan and Raya Specials
July Special (30 Episode)
Date: Everyday in July
Time: 7pm
Ramadan is here again. Its good if we can sve some money in this holy month of ramadhan. Dapur Bujang Ramadan 2014 will show you...

Selera Selebriti Raya
July Special ( 1 Episode)
Date: 28 July(1st Day Raya
Time: 1pm
A special Raya Episode where Celebrity Wak Doyok and Singer Asfan...

Bola Oh Bola!
Macam-macam boleh jadi dalam masa 90 minit. Sama ada dalam perlawanan bola sepak...







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